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Rush In Personally fun fairs are not my cup of tea...but Pinner fair has been in existence since the 14th century 700 hundred years ago it has a royal charter for anything to be going that long has a lot going for it originally set up for farmers to sell their live stock and produce and men used to go there to pick up work it was the most important event of the year the story goes...everyone would gather the evening before to witness the rush in At six oclock a police sergeant would blow his whistle and everyone would rush into the parade route to claim a good spot to sell their wares by putting a pole down What a story! Phew! thank goodness its more civilised now sending emails is not such a chore to secure a stall space ... is it? Pinner Fair is very popular today people from all around attend the fair each year fair ground attractions adorn the Pinner High Street along with all the sellers and street food stalls the familiar sound from the Morris dancers with the even more familiar dance routine the weather rain or shine the Fair with all the attractions still goes on hundreds of people each year enjoying it. Pinner with the picturesque
walks the beautiful Memorial Park Pinner Village Hall and loadofhay craft market once a month with uniqueness of our own Pinner Village is a great place for a craft venue. Wouldnt it be fantastic to witness our very own (but more civilised)
rush in and add just a little to Pinner Village history


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