Unique as Pinner

Unique as Pinner Your blog is like hungry children, waiting to be fed... and of course needs to be fed.
At times there doesnt seem to be anything to write about but once you have written one blog you feel it needs to be fed. I love history... and along with another love of mine craft and with the launching of loadofhay in Pinner Village I would love to give you an insight into Pinner and notable people who was in residence...
Pinner is centuries old, once a hamlet of medieval Harrow, records showing a church was here in 1230 the notable people... where do I start! Horatian Nelson...
daughter of Lord Nelson lived in Pinner 1860-1881.Sir Elton John was a scholar here one of my favourites was the childrens laureate an author and poet Michael Rosen he was born in Pinner in 1946-1962 and wrote 140 childrens books amongst them is Were Going on a Bear Hunt let me give you of a little snippet..
Were going on a bear hunt
Were going to catch a big one
What a beautiful day!
Were not scared!
Uh!Uh! A River!
We cant go over it!
We cant go under it!
Oh No! We have to go through it!
Swishy Swashy!
Swishy Swashy!
Swishy Swashy!
This was a favourite with the children, joining in every time especially with those brilliant fun words...to think these great books were written in Pinner!
Along with picturesque walks, medieval buildings housing cafes and shops is the ideal place for my craft market which will be filled with items for sale that are as unique as Pinner itself!!!


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