Print an A4 poster based on your listing

Print an A4 poster based on your listing

When you add or link to events you are attending, you can print out an A4 poster to put up on notice boards, in shop windows or hand out to customers.

The best part about it, is you donít need to do anything more than just print it out. We pull in your main image, business name, biography, and in addition, up to seven items from your shop window.

The page will list up to six events.

All you need to do is: log in, go to the referral page, click the link to the A4 leaflet then print.

This is a fully automated service, aimed at all members of the site. If the page does not look good for you or you have some suggestions for further improvements, we would love to hear from you. Just add a comment below.

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After putting your poster up, take a picture and write about it in your social media. It is a good idea to explain where the poster is and who you think may see it.

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