Stuffy Uninspiring I Dont Think So

Stuffy Uninspiring I Dont Think So STUFFY! UNINSPIRING! This is how a craft market might have been seen once...
People might have conjured up an image of unflattering jumble sale type events!!!
Un-drinkable tea from polystyrene cups come to mind, Crafters now THANKFULLY are a new breed, markets popping up all across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and not forgetting fair trade craft and produce with crafters being very skilful in their chosen craft and producing exceptional work all made with love. Craft Market are now very high in peoples estimation getting away from images of yesteryears craft fairs.
October 28th I will be hosting the launch of Pinner Village loadofhay I want this craft market to be filled with the new breed of crafters I already have a wonderful African craft born out of necessity stall, Brazilian artisan jewellery fair trade produce would be great!!! Every culture representation artisans craft and produce. Craft workshops for children is a must at craft markets showing children how much fun being creative really is, a warm friendly atmosphere is important for exhibitors as well potential customers I aim to do just that with delicious refreshments (no polystyrene) could you help to fill Pinner Village Hall with all this? and MORE!


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