For the Love of Artisanship... Did it ever go away

For the Love of Artisanship... Did it ever go away Have you ever had moments when you have time after all the administration is done the mundane chores are once again finished when you collect all your thoughts thinking about this and that, at the moment I am looking at images of all you very talented people your expertise, from the science of producing those heavenly aromatic soaps and candles to the intricacies of different components of an earring or bracelet the expertise of turning wood making delicious creamy fudge, gorgeous casmere garments just to mention a few but all deserving the title of ARTISANSHIP! most people set up in their spare room if they are able some in their garden sheds or use their own kitchens, in other countries artisan is a necessity! my image for this blog is of African Artisan this puts women in the work place giving them money to be able to feed their children and themselves Artisan born out of necessity, I dont think Artisan ever went away it just went out of fashion... but I think you wonderful people can say now...
You Are Fashionable for Being Unfashionable...


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