Engaging times

Engaging times

As Im new to selling at markets and engaging with market organisers I searched the internet for listings, dates and contact information to attend markets. Thats when I found UKCraftFairs site, it seemed to be all I needed to do everything I wanted at the time. Since joining over three weeks ago I have been in contact with market organisers and booked in this years markets, sometimes through the site and sometimes by visiting their web site when I have had no response, its gone well so far.

But something unexpected happened too, I started to engage with other Exhibitors that live locally to me. Im not usually the sort of person to do that, but with a commonality that is currently a steep learning curve for myself and others it has been quite liberating. Not everyone has got back to me though, hardly surprising really, such busy lives etc. But just a few words to say hello and break the ice have helped me along. If you are Crafting and selling in West Sussex and surrounding areas, do get in contact if you fancy sharing your knowledge about selling and particularly, at markets.


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