Accessability and disability

Accessability and disability

"We have always had a focus on accessibility and want to learn"If you were in Motherwell in North Lanarkshire on Thursday 28 June, you would know that summer was here. As the temperature was 33.2 degrees centigrade. The hottest temperature ever recorded for Scotland. Let us hope the good weather continues for all those outdoor events in the book. It can be an issue for indoor events as footfall can suffer on those nice lazy days.

Disability in the UK and Internet use
We have always had a focus on accessibility, it just makes sense to make the extra effort. Not all disabilities affect peoples internet use, but many things do, so we do what we can make using the site easier. These include checking colour contrast, font sizes, naming things and having alternative text to name but a few. The good news is that when you add your content, you do not need to worry, unlike when you create your own website.

Did you know that you have a legal obligation in the UK to make your own website accessible, otherwise you would be seen as discriminating against people?


The use of the internet by people in the 16-34 age group is at 99 percent and for people in this age group that have a disability it is 98 percent. If you have any difficultly using the site, please contact us.

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