Preparing for my first craft fair

Preparing for my first craft fair So, I have booked my table and got loads of stock, and I am very excited! OK so its not until November but I still need to make more products. At the moment I am working on adding more leather items, and I will bedmaking more fabric items very soon. If anyone has any helpful tips for doing a craft fair I will be very pleased to hear from you. Am I expecting to make money? Well no, not really. It will be an experience and if I enjoy it then that will be enough to get me interested in doing more fairs.


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Cats Punky Stuff

Cats Punky Stuff

Ive just written a blog that might help you. All of my earliest blogs might be of some use to you too! ukcraftfairs/post/1727/first-craft-fair-advise
Cat x

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