2nd fair looming

Well. Its nearly time for our second craft fair! That has come round pretty quick to be honest!

Looking forward to it obviously. Im really glad it wasnt last week with all the snow we had up here, I dont think we would have had many through the door!
The weather looks pretty good for this weekend, so fingers crossed thats its a good one.
Are there any other organisers reading this?
Where do you advertise?
I cant really patrol the streets putting leaflets through letter boxes. I put them in various places. I spam it out on Facebook. I have even put it in the free local monthly magazine
But although I advertise it on Facebook I have real trouble getting the stall holders to advertise it on their pages!!! To me, I think its up to them as well as me to advertise it as much as possible! They will all know people I dont. But its like pulling teeth! I know who will get the blame though if the footfall is low! Moi!!
Fingers crossed for lots of customers.
Catch you on the flip side. and #128522


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I hope it all went very well for you! I am preparing for my first craft fair and very excited about it.

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