That pesky snow

Hi crafters!
I did my first craft fair this weekend at Chipping Sodbury town hall. About 40 stall holders showed up and we all went to a lot of trouble to present our goods well, arriving early at 9:00 am to set up. We made friends with our neighbours and started trading with each other! This was fortunate as during the next six hours there weren’t many punters. My daughter arrived and said she had driven through a blizzard! The High street was warily quiet, especially for a Saturday when parking is well neigh impossible. A chill breeze was emanating through the back corridor. We stocked up on coffees from the Fayre cafe to keep us warm. As the day progressed only a few came by and the Asian threading girl gave up and went home, complaining. She’d only had two customers.
We were enjoying ourselves anyway. Denise got us some warming burgers and more coffee so we just chatted to the other staff holders. We exchanged business cards and did more deals. By then I was commissioning the next door girl to paint my dogs portrait. We loved her accurate depictions of other dogs. She mentioned she would like to learn stained glass, maybe an opportunity for a bit of barter!
The snow was getting thick outside. The organiser suggested we finish an hour early so we could get home while the roads were still passable. We reluctantly started to pack up. I was going slow as I was uploading dog photos to my neighbour. Meanwhile her son purchased some soap and a stained glass!
So we still managed to make a profit on the day. And we got some great shots of the stall for promoting ourselves.


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