Hello Hi, I thought id introduce myself.

Im Hannah a mummy of 3, a wife, a florist and a very keen crocheter.

Im self taught from when my middle child was born. He was a big baby and required feeding every two hours for a good few months so i found myself sitting on the sofa looking for something to do. And thats where the addiction started.

Many of my family and friends that have been crocheting for a long time commented on how neat my work was so i decided to start selling the items i had made.

The pictute was my 1st little hat and blanket i made for a gift.

I started by selling baby wearing star blankets thats where the name little stars crochet came from.

Well ive posted my 1st item for sale and hope to keep you up to date with what im doing

Take care!


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Well done. Your work looks good. We look forward to seeing more of your items on the site.

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