Epiphany Cross Stitch
I first started on a cross stitch project in 2008. It isnt big or complicated, but I still to this day have not finished the, now 10-year-old project. Over the Christmas break during a sort out, I found 5 further projects to be done. You would think that this would all keep me occupied for a while. Well, you would, wouldnt you, until that is, Kirstie Allsopp, hit my small telly box a few years ago, also in the run-up to Christmas with Kirsties Homemade Britain. Well, it was an epiphany.

Traveller’s Notebooks
The crafts that Kirstie showcased on the programme were simply stunning and easy enough for even me to have a go at. What a good job there was a payday at the end of her series. Amazon was laughing all the way to the bank by the time I had purchased everything I needed to make: Hand-scrubs, Leather Bound Journals and Heart Garlands. The postman certainly earned his Christmas bonus delivering all my lovely materials and I have spent the following year making my first crafts which I gave away as gifts to family and friends. Little did I know at the time that I would eventually create my craft business Adventure Accessories and that the journals would become my signature Traveller’s Notebooks.

Adventure Accessories
You may now have realised from reading my first blog post, A Stitch in Time, and this one that Cross-Stitch has fallen off my crafting CV. I no longer have the passion for it I once did and find it too awkward to manage now as osteoarthritis has taken hold of my hypermobility syndrome body. I also decided to not pursue the heart garlands or the hand-scrub but adored making the hand-sewn notebooks. Around the same time as finding Kirstie’s handmade items I also discovered crochet. A friend had one of these ‘Teach Yourself…’ magazines and I had fancied giving crochet ago as I had fallen out of love with cross stitch.

I borrowed the magazine and spent many hours watching youtube videos, which is still my go-to place for all things crochet and since I found the little treasure trove of a shop that I mentioned in a Stitch in Time a new independent wool shop has opened in the same town which is an Aladdin’s cave of awesomeness. I find I visit a least once a week and have gotten to know the lovely ladies that own and run the shop well. I am much happier keeping my money local and supporting another small business.


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