Back in Business

Back in Business

2017 was a sad year for me, i lost my beloved Holly Dog in June, my Father died in November, my little Rascal Dog had to be put to sleep Christmas week and i had some not so good news regarding my Health! so i was glad to see the back of last year, so understandably i did not feel like Needle Felting or much else for that matter. I have started to feel a bit better and i have been very busy working on my new projects. I have started making models in Clay, i have made Dogs, Horses, Cats and a couple of Snow Leopards all of which i will be adding to my shop, as before i am taking commissions i am also using actual Horse hair in the Horse models to make them more personal. I also have Pendants and Brooches. To start us off i have this little Jack Russell in a Jumper hanging decoration, he is hand painted and glossed, i think he is quite cute, i am looking forward to making more Animals.


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