Happy New Year

Happy New Year - I hope youve had wonderful Festive and New Year celebrations so, tell me - have you made any New Years resolutions?

Im going to keep doing my bit to recycle, recycle, recycle, and had already decided I was no longer going to use plastic gift bags - as pretty as they were with their fairy design - once this supply has finished!

The last part of the year saw me dressing up as an Elf to help raise money for the Alzheimers Society - I was overwhelmed, and humbled, by the conversations and donations received. It is staggering how many peoples lives have been touched by this disease, and I intend to continue this in 2018.

There are a couple of local doggie charities that I follow, Greyhound Gap in Kidsgrove, and Pebbles Legacy in Fenton: I dont have the time required to have my own dog again, so the collecting box youll see on my stall is my way of contributing to these amazing independent charities.

After having one of my many de-bogs in my Fairy Workshop, Im going to make a concerted effort NOT to buy stuff I dont need! Im a sucker for a pretty vintage cup and saucer for my miniature fairy gardens, and love picking up bits and pieces that I think would be ideal for my doors. What happens instead is that my workshop ends up looking like its from one of those hoarding programmes on tv! LOL

Last year was another fledgling year trading, and now, after 2 years, I am going to be even more disciplined about the events I attend. I absolutely LOVE taking my doors and accessories here there and everywhere. Alas, it doesnt always make the best business sense...

I have several Faery Festivals to attend, as well as regular events thatve seen little pixies and their families become more like welcome friends, rather than just regular customers. Im looking forward to going along to more car events, and to dipping my wings into the world of STEAMPUNK, starting in March with a 2 day event in Shrewsbury.

If you have any ideas for doors please let me know - I love trying new things! Keep an eye on my events page for my whereabouts and , if you cant get along, and want to order a door, please drop me a line.

Ive lots of ideas for new items in my Fairy Boutique and , again, if youd like me to make anything in particular, just get in touch!

A wee fairy-inspired business is still my dream, so Ill just keep chipping away at the old man until he sees sense...! )

I wish you enough... <3 <3

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