A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time Around my late teens/early adulthood, I took up cross-stitch embroidery and recently thought it was about time to finally finish a project I had actually started back in 2002 but had never finished due to life constantly getting in my way.

I quickly got back into my unfinished cross stitch project and during a conversation with a friend one lunchtime in work, while she sat there teaching herself to knit, I turned and said: You know I have always fancied having a go at crochet.

I tried knitting when I was knee-high to a grasshopper (my mum was an avid knitter) I managed a basic (holey) scarf but never quite got the bug. My friend told me about an excellent local shop, so a couple of days later I went shopping to a tiny little cove of a back street shop, run by two wonderful ladies who sorted me out fantastically with my starter ball of wool and first ever crochet hook. Another friend found an old teach yourself crochet magazine and after studying it several times and many YouTube videos later I am getting really quite nifty with my hook.


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