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New blogger on site Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever blog post. I first became interested in bead weaving about five years ago and started out making peyote stitch bracelets and wall hangings. I worked solely with Miyuki delicas and quickly became hooked on the lovely colours and finishes but I realised that my hobby could turn out to be an expensive one as I was drawn to bigger patterns that needed lots of beads! I still have lots of remnants of those original beads and try to incorporate delicas in my pieces when possible. My favourite finish is Ceylon, which is a pearly type finish. It is important to use a quality brand of seed beads such as Miyuki or Toho as they are more consistent in size and shape when working on a loom or making off loom pieces but for peyote stitch delicas are a must! To make things more interesting peyote sections can be combined with pearls or crystals or even stacked to make three dimensional pieces, which I am hoping to try out soon so watch this space!


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