Indoor Craft Market

Indoor Craft Market

Ok so here it goes, my first blog. I apologize for any mistakes, (I can sew, create, design but spelling isnít a strong point) Iím one of those who can proof read others but mine own not so strong.

So Iím a crafter of ĎBowísí for business and lover of all crafts that I need a pair of scissors.
I bet you all like me love going to craft shops, going to craft fairs and markets and I have come to the decision after attending, shopping and helping organize fairs for others - I really want to start hosting my own fairs.

There was a fantastic Indoor Craft Market in Colchester and it was great to see all the crafters loving being there. The love of their own stalls and the support they were giving each other was amazing a very well organized Craft Market.

Prior to putting my heart and soul into my craft I have been in Hospitality and managing large venues /functions and events, so I know a little about hosting functions but craft fairs Iím new too.

I am very pleased to have a fantastic venue available which is in a fantastic location and has general footfall within the venue at all times.

I really would like to hear from those who have started from scratch hosting Craft Markets and if you have any feedback to put my mind at ease?

K x


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