Have I Been Away that Long

Good morrow!
I cant believe that I havent been on here in - goodness knows how long...! Im not going to fib - after all, fairies cant lie, but I have been VERY busy!
I had an emergency email from The North Pole to say that Father Christmas has put on loads of weight over the summer, and the tailor-elves are expecting to have to replace loads of Santas buttons over the festive season. They asked if my fairies could help out with making new buttons for Santa, adn how could we refuse?! What an honour to be asked to do this prestigious job!
Weve had a lovely summer at a wide range of events - from local craft fayres, to amazing Artisan markets , right through to our very first faery Festival in Llnagollen! Im hooked, and hope to be able to take part in more Faery Festivals next year.
If you havent had a look at my facebook page lately - please do! Youll see all my new makes and ideas, including my magical snowy gardens in a t-cup/jug/shoe! I am so proud of these - Ill be sad to see each one go!
Of course, weve only just crept into October, but already Christmas is at the forefront of crafters minds. We can never tell how busy an event is going to be, or how popular our particular crafts will be, but I for one look forward to helping spin a tale of magic, wonder and imagination!
Ill tell you how I risk life and limb every morning to get the Unicorn Poo Ill mesmerise you with my tale of collecting mermaid scales, and dazzle you with my bravery when I harvest the Dragons teeth...!
Just now, Im completing some prize doors for lucky winners of my competitions, and I love hearing your ideas for your doors! From Autumn and Halloween right through to Dragons and Princesses - Im having a magical time!

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