Making Jam and Felting

Making Jam and Felting

have been quite busy for the last couple of weeks making loads of Jam! the Blackberries and Elderberries around us are abundant so i have been picking them nearly every day, adding a pinch of Lavender to the Jam really makes it taste special, as well as making Jam i have been Felting and have finished the Sheltie key ring which was a commission, i now have a German Shepard to do. I have recently bought some soft Pastel Pencils, i have not used these before so i will see how i get on. I have got some stable Plaques to do and will start on those today. It is feeling quite Autumnal here today, the leaves are turning and the Swifts are gathering to leave, i think it always a sad time when they go, but i do like Autumn and i really like Christmas so will look forward to that although i did think we would have an Indian Summer.
I was kept awake last night by an Owl Hooting so i think i will have a go at Felting one next, i have gathered lots of Pheasant Feathers this year and will decide what to do with them, we still have Philip out friendly Pheasant in the garden but the Birds on the table seemed to have disappeared for a while, they must be doing something else important.
Well must get on with my painting, until next time x


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