5 Reasons why accessorising your home is important

5 Reasons why accessorising your home is important

5 Reasons Why Accessorising Your Home Is Important

Have you ever taken a step back to imagine what your home would look like without all of your favourite knick knacks? It wouldnt be the same, would it? I know my home accessories make my little mouse house complete!

My favourite thing to do after a long day of crafting is getting cosy on my sofa under a blanket, resting my head on my cushions and lighting a scent-filled candle.

If youre reading this and asking yourself - but, why are home accessories so important? Im here to explain it to you!

Home Accessories Make Everything Look Better
Many people opt for neutral colours in their homes. Beige, white and grey sofas are a reoccurring trend, so using bright and beautiful cushions to give your sofa a pop of colour, or adding a woolly throw to the end of your bed, can make the rooms in your home look instantly cosier! Choosing the right accessories to compliment your home can really bring your rooms to life.

They Make Other People Feel At Home
My mouse friends love my cheese here sign on my mantelpiece! If you have lovely, happy quotes on signs or wall hangings around your home, guests will feel comfortable. Inspirational and positive quotes will make them smile and feel happy as they relax in your home.

They Can Make Regular Household Items Look Lovely
There are many items in your house that you need, but dont exactly look the nicest. For example, a doorstop, a napkin holder or a laundry basket! Who ever thought that you could turn these into beautiful accessories? Everyday items can look great around your house too, you know! Especially when the crafty mouse is feeling creative!

Everyone Loves Candles
The smell of your favourite candle can fill a room in minutes and make you feel relaxed. If you have a favourite scent, it makes you familiarise and feel at home whenever you smell it! Candles also come in pretty pots which can look great around your home even if you dont light them! Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a cheddar scented candle, but my favourite is the spiced orange candle from the Willow and Honey range!

Home Accessories Make It Easier To Stay Organised!
You can fill your home with baskets, bowls and boxes and still make it look nice by buying heart-shaped baskets made with copper wire or placing shabby chic storage boxes in your living room. I fill my mouse house with English country, French cottage and urban modern accessories but I know everyone has different tastes so I craft my home accessories to suit you all!

I love to spend my days hand-crafting items for you, and you can view them all in my online shop. I can create custom wooden signs to fit your style perfectly, these signs are unique and allow you to portray your personality through your home decor!

If you feel like your home is lacking in accessories, please feel free to send me a photo of your room so the I can put my crafty head on and find you something perfect. I love hearing from you!


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