Being Creative

Being Creative It has not stopped raining here so i have taken the opportunity of staying indoors and being creative, i am in a painting mode at the moment so i have started on this painting of a Springer Spaniel, he is not finished yet but here is a preview.
I have also made a Needle Felt Bassett Hound and a Corgi Brooch, that is the only good thing i have to say about this Summer, it is so awful you stay inside. On Monday i bought some gorgeous curly Alpaca Wool and i will incorporate it into some Felt Animal, i am not sure yet what it might be, perhaps i might do a Unicorn? Tomorrow is supposed to be nice so my partner and i are going to Dorchester for lunch, i love Thomas Hardy so love being in that area, i am always looking for inspiration and being in a different area you never know what you might come across, interesting little shops, olde world Pubs, looking forward to it. I do not have anything on this weekend which gives me more time to make things, i am currently working on some Heavy Horse Needle Felt Brooches and key rings and you never know i might do a painting or two as well. Me and that Cat are snugged up on the Sofa doing some Felting, well me, not the Cat, he is just curled up asleep, I hope by this time next week the Weather has improved, it feels like Autumn already, i am not ready for it yet i am not finished with summer! x


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Craft Book

Craft Book

Hopefully there will be some more days of summer sunshine, but a change of scene is a great way to brighten the mood and find new inspiration. I like to keep a notebook handy to jot down ideas, before I forget them, and reach for my old notebooks on those days when creativity is proving elusive.

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