Back from the Royal Welsh Show

Back from the Royal Welsh Show

Well i am back from Wales and it seems like it never happened it went so fast! the Weather was lovely Monday and Tuesday but got worse as time went on and by Thursday i was feeling quite cold and glad to get home. Lots of lovely Cobs on show so we were not disappointed. Yesterday instead of doing a Needle Felt Cob i had the urge to do a Chihuahua Brooch instead for some reason, so here he is! i am also going to do some Painting this week, so i am feeling quite creative. It was great to see the Needle Felt Pictures at the Royal Welsh in the WI craft tent, there are some clever people out there and as i am getting older i much prefer hand made things to mass produced rubbish from China, i also like little individual shops, whatever town you go to these days it is always the same, Pound shops, Charity shops and the same old Stores, we had a great time in Lynton on the North coast of Devon before i went away and that still had loads of lovely little shops and a most fantastic Craft shop that was quite large and filled with amazing hand made objects of all kinds, all made by local people it was incredible, i bought a few items but would love to go back there and buy some more, the whole place felt as if you had stepped back in time. I am busy this week as we have Watchet Market on Wednesday and Honiton Show on Thursday, i am looking forward to that one as it has always been a great show for us, we are in the Blackdown Hills Marquee, people always say it is the best tent in the show! let us hope we do not disappoint this year and maybe i can better my second prize for best Stand this year, you never know, i will do my best and post the photographs on here next time x


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