Back to Black

Back to Black Can you believe it, we are back to Autumn, or so it felt yesterday! it was cold, foggy, raining, i didnt go out at all, where has summer gone? so i thought i would make a quick Needle Felt Cat, he only took me a couple of hours as i was trying out a new method, he has no actual framework, which is how i usually make my models, hes not bad, i will do some more figures this way and see how we go. I still have not finished the Vallegro model, i must get on and finish him, so im waiting for the next bad weather day.
Today is a lot better so i am out and about again and on Sunday i will be at Watchet Street Market, i hope its a nice day
then! things start picking up on the 16th of July when i will be at Hinton St George Summer Fete and the week after Mid Devon Show then i will be going to the Royal Welsh Show for a Holiday, in fact i have been going there for about 30 years! my Friend and I used to breed Welsh Cobs and so we still love them and go every year to watch, the only year i missed it was when i was in Hospital with a Brain Tumour! So i expect i will be inspired to make a Needle Felt Cob when i get back, in fact i will make a model of the champion Welsh Cob stallion, watch this space!
I was really chuffed last week as i bought loads of Felting Needles from someone who was giving up, from an on-line Auction site, fantastic, as hard as i try not to, i still break a few Needles when i am felting, it is so annoying, well at least i dont stab myself any more, when i first started i was forever doing this, but soon learnt to get my fingers out of the way, i could not stand any more pain. x


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