Remembering Holly Dog

Remembering Holly Dog

Well it has been a week now since our precious little Holly Dog left us and i had to make a Needle Felt model of her, now every time i look at it i remember the great times we had together, she sits on the shelf above our bed.
The weather has gone from baking hot over the last few days to quite breezy today, easier to do things though! i was looking through a local magazine and came across the Annual Fleece Fair at a local Village Hall, fantastic i thought, i will go to that tomorrow, lots of fleeces and fibres for me to buy only to realize it was on the 17th of June, oh no missed it! but i will keep an eye out for when its on again. In the week i went down to my local Country Markets shop where you can sell Craft items, locally grown Food, Plants and Cosmetic Products, so i am hoping to have my Needle Felt Animals in there soon, what a great place for local unique and hand crafted products, better than all the usual tat from China that is in every shop!
Well my front room is over run with Wool, Needles, Little Animal Eyes, Key ring chains and loads of other Needle Felt stuff so i am going to have a tidy up before i start my next project, i have not decided what it will be yet but i might have a crack at doing some Foxes and Owls, i have also been collecting Pheasant feathers which i will probably use on something or just put in my hat, not sure yet.
Good bye from the Hills until next time, happy Felting!


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