Hotter than July

Hotter than July

Well its a bit different Temperature wise since my last Blog, its now so hot im not going outside! the Cottage being Thatched is brilliant as its warm in Winter and cool in Summer, so its lovely inside today,
anyway, quite a lot has happened this week, sadly we had to have our little Holly Dog put to sleep on Friday, she was suffering from Cancer and was obviously in a lot of pain, im so sad. We planted a Holly Tree in her favourite place
in the Garden so i will always see `Holly when i go there.
On a happier note i finished the Alsation key ring that some body ordered, i have no orders for the time being so im having a small break from Felting and i will be painting a little memorial Plaque for Holly instead.
Last Monday i was so worried because my Ragdoll Cat Harvey Pickles didnt come home, in the morning i could hear crying but i could not locate where it was coming from! (being deaf in one ear i cant locate sounds) i had to enlist my Neighbour who found him stuck up an Oak Tree! it took me 2 hours to get him down! so he spent the whole of Monday night up a Tree, he was so hungry and tired when i got him home.
Well i know its only June but i do have to think about making some Needle Felt Brooches and other items for the Craft Fair at Neroche in October, i thought i would do some Owls, Squirrels, Foxes and other Woodland Creatures and have them in a little Woodland setting, and then of course its nearly Christmas, well it is the longest day soon then it starts getting darker again, slowly i know! but for now i will enjoy the Sunny Weather.


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