Felting Vallegro

Felting Vallegro

Its a bit chilly on the Hills today and im feeling a bit fragile after spending a lovely evening with my Sister and Neice at the Spirit of the Horse exhibition in Wiltshire and then having a lovely meal only to take 2 hours to drive home instead of 1 because the A303 was shut! so im taking it easy today and working on my model of the fantastic Olympic Dressage horse Vallegro performing Piaffe and his amazing rider Charlotte Dujardin. hes coming on ok but i just need to make a few tweeks here and there and i have to finish Charlotte and make his tack which i will do from thin leather strips and Felt, i also need to start on a key ring of an Alsation which is for a gift, so id better get on with it!
Im having a cosy night in tonight watching the TV and felting, i must be getting old as thats my idea of a great Saturday night!
Well with Dogs to walk, Horse to sort and Cat to feed for the 100th time today, theres no peace for the wicked, i just want to cosy up on the Sofa and do some Felting, so theraputic!
My friendly Pheasant Philip is in the Garden eating the Bird food, as are the family of Squirells along with Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Blue Tits and Bull Finches, if i get the urge to Felt a Bird ill have plenty of models!
So goodbye for now from the Hills x


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