Where Can I get Inspiration for Cards

Where Can I get Inspiration for Cards

A question I get asked a lot is where do I find inspiration for my cards? I can tell you now that I am no creative genius! There are lots of VERY talented people out there coming up with amazing ideas all of the time. The great thing for us crafters is that thankfully people are always happy to share.

Have you ever heard of CASE? it means Copy and Share Everything. Copying is great, and encouraged, but do remember to be polite and give credit where its due when you do.The thing about inspiration is that it can be the starting point that gets you going. Where you take it from there, is up to you! When I copy something, the finished product usually ends up looking very different and often incorporates lots of sources of inspiration. So, listen up, here are my key tips for finding inspiration for your cards:

•Pinterest has a wealth of inspiration for you. If you have a specific event in mind, you could search for that. Or, if youd like to see what others are making with the stamp sets you have, just type in the name and enjoy what comes back! A word of warning, though. Pinterest is TOTALLY addictive so be careful. You could end up spending so much time looking for inspiration that you run out of time to make anything! Check out my Pinterest Board where I pin my own creations, as well as my favourites from elsewhere. Happy pinning!

•Classes - come along to a class. At every one, youll find inspiration in the projects themselves, find out new ways to use your stamps and tools, learn new techniques and also share ideas with others. One of the things I love most about the classes is that well start with the same base materials and instructions and everyones card will turn out differently as the creative juices start to flow!

•Craft with friends - apart from being more fun, crafting with others is a brilliant way to get inspiration. You can see what others are doing, and share ideas and tips with one another!

•Keep it simple - sometimes, the ideas just wont come. For these times, I go back to basics and make something really simple - a background and a sentiment.

•Card Sketches - there are lots of websites which have card sketches that you can use as a basis for your layout. I have lots on my Pinterest board, but just do a search for Card Sketches and youll find lots of ideas, from the simple to the complex.

•Do a Card Challenge - again, there are lots of groups where you can participate in regular challenges - from layouts to colour schemes or particular themes. These are a great way to tickle your creative muscles! Im a particular fan of Daring Cardmakers and Freshly Made Sketches. Even if you dont participate (which you should), you can see what others are making!

•Facebook - like Pinterest, this can eat up your whole life, but there are lots of groups who share their photos and tips. Great for anyone whos starting out or looking for advice. Of course you can always ask me, your friendly neighbourhood Demonstrator! Check out my Facebook page, and feel free to share your photos!

•Tidy your Stash! Its amazing how easy it is to forget what we have - especially if space is limited and its hard to stay organised. In an ideal world, everything would be at your fingertips and easy to see. But thats never the case! Regularly organising your paper, stamps, punches, dies and other supplies helps remind you of what you have. Ive often done a spot of tidying and found a stamp set Id forgotten about, which then became my latest favourite!

•Inspiration is everywhere - when you look around, youll find it all over. Some pretty wrapping paper, an image in a magazine or a photograph, a sticker, fabric, a card youve received - even the cards for sale in the shops. Look at them and see if you could make something similar yourself!

And remember, there will always be times when your mojo just isnt working. You just cant think of anything or whatever you try just doesnt seem to work !Sometimes it comes easily but sometimes the creative process can be a bit of a struggle! Just leave it to one side for a while, do something else, try a different project and come back to it later. My cupboard is full of half-finished projects that never quite made the cut!

The main thing is that crafting is fun, so enjoy whatever you make. Id love to see what you come up with - why not share your creations with me?


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