Whipped Body Butters

Whipped Body Butters I am so happy with the response I have received so far about my soap range! I really value that my customers have been giving positive feedback about the products and some people have mentioned that they are glad that I have chosen not to use Palm Oil and that the entire range is Vegan Friendly. I know that some people who are already using natural products in their bath/shower routine have been excited by the soaps they have used from my range others just love the way the soaps feel on their skin with the rich and creamy lather from the oils used. I really appreciate all of your comments and so I am inspired to grow my range to provide more options for my customers.

I have really been enjoying the creative process of experimenting with whipped body butters! I have been playing around with different formulas and these smooth and delicate whipped body butters have made it into my daily skincare routine. I will be experimenting with adding different essential oils based on their beneficial properties for the skin and of course testing them out on myself and others to get an idea of when they are ready for sale. However, if any of you have specific essential oil(s) you would like to see in these products then feel free to comment below as your feedback is always appreciated! I also plan to add body and lip balms to my product range as well so watch this space for further news updates. As with my soap range, any new products will still be free from Palm Oil, 100 percent Vegan and handmade with passion. If any of you have any comments and suggestions of what you would like to see then I look forward to hearing from you!


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