Improved interactions functionality

Improved interactions functionality

This week we have taken a close look at the interactions section of the site. Our aim was to further improve functionality and increase the sections use.

Here are a few things that have changed:

1. When logging in, if you have any interactions you have not answered or marked as read, you will be taken directly to the interactions section.
2. When you are on the interactions page and you have unread messages, you will see a list of people that have written to you in date order, top left.
3. We have collapsed the list of people you have previously contacted into an A-Z of contacts and coloured it light blue so it is easy to see and small on a mobile. Just click on the triangle to expand the list and scroll down if your list is long.
4. If you do not need to reply to a message then mark it as read. We change the cross previously there to the word read, which is much clearer. Unread messages are in red, once you reply or mark as read they change to light blue.
5. If you send a message from a site, event page or item page the owner get a notification by email that they have an unread interaction.

For people to be able to write to you, you must have added a listing with a picture, the event you are running or the item you have for sale.

We hope you like the improvements. We would welcome your feedback via the contact us form.

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