The Bag Lady branches out

I started selling my craft last summer and was surprised at the numbers of people who wanted to pay for the items that I had made previously for friends and family.

The idea of taking money from people for the stuff that I make seemed a bit embarrassing so I hit on the idea of giving most of the profits to the charities that I have supported for some time, that way it gave me a reason to make things and also raise funds. I take out the costs of the fabrics and yarns, plus a small amount for other expenses like petrol and insurance, and the rest then can be divided up amongst my three pet charities.

Since March of this year I have a monthly stall at a craft market and have been pleased with the lovely comments from customers and the encouragement from other stall holders who are a friendly bunch. I was able to give 100 just before Christmas to a Pets As Therapy co-ordinator and am now saving for another installment to Battersea Dogs Home.

What I am wondering now is whether to take the next step and apply for a weekly stall at the market or will this be putting too much pressure on me to make items? I have a stack of fabric bags already made up and have started making more crochet bags for the winter market, although these do take much longer to complete. Will a weekly stall prove too much and cut into my precious sewing time, or shall I take the plunge and give it a go?

Decisions, decisions the only answer is to start making as it gives me time to ponder - keep calm and craft.


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