The ethics and ideas behind Primal Soaps

The ethics and ideas behind Primal Soaps Starting a new craft business is exciting a journey into the unknown! As I am sure many of you can relate to this is time for learning new skills, trying different approaches and constantly adapting to your experiences. When I discovered that I enjoy the ancient craft of Cold Process soap making and after much experimentation I quickly realised that I wanted to share the soaps I have made with a wider audience than just my family and friends. I am particularly excited about sharing them as I have come up with a recipe that provides a firm bar that is durable, whilst feeling silky smooth on the skin! Handmade soaps feel completely different to the mass-produced variety as no glycerine is removed during the manufacturing process and for me it is important to use natural oils with no added chemicals!

People are becoming increasingly more aware of the chemicals they put into their bodies through what they eat and the impact this can have on their health and wellbeing. Sadly though, this level of care does not always extend to reading the ingredients on a skincare product, even though these chemicals will be absorbed through the largest organ in our body the skin! In a busy modern lifestyle it can be hard to trawl through the many products on the shelves and take the time to read the confusing array of strange sounding words (Unless you have a degree in Latin, Chemistry or are an experienced manufacturer of cosmetic products it is unlikely that the ingredients will make any sort of sense) Therefore it feels liberating to have created a product that is good for the skin and contains no artificial chemicals. I am happy I can sell my soaps to people who want a product they can trust that has been created with natural ingredients by an individual, rather than a large corporation.

I am also excited that my range of soaps are 100 percent Vegan as I am aware of the growing concerns people have of using animal products in cosmetics and of course for those who are practising vegans it can be a nightmare trying to find suitable skincare products! I have also made a conscious choice not to include Palm Oil in any of my soaps as I am concerned that many Palm Oil producers in foreign countries are contributing to deforestation which threatens the habitat of orangutans and other vulnerable animals. These producers can also employ the use of slave labour or at least neglect the rights of their workers. This does not mean people should avoid all products containing Palm Oil as many crafters use certified Palm Oil that is responsibly sourced from producers who do not contribute to deforestation and abuse of workers. Feel free to support these crafters by buying their products but it is always worth asking about the certification of the Palm Oil so you know you are buying an ethical product. As there are many other luxurious oils available I prefer not to use Palm Oil at all as concerned consumers can know at a glance that they do not have to worry about the issues raised above.

I hope this gives you all some insight into the ideas and ethics behind my products and I look forward to the new adventure ahead as I step into this exciting business!


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