Self publishers links to Amazon

Self publishers links to Amazon

Self publishing is a relatively new phenomenon, that allows authors to side step the traditional publishing houses. This results in the author keeping more of the purchase price (if they make sales) but they have to do most of the work themselves.

If you have self published already, you will know that marketing your books can be difficult and time consuming. So, we have added some additional functionality to the site to help.

As a member, you can add your books to your shop window. Then, if you add the events you are attending, the Click and Collect will work. Marketing your books at an event is a great way to generate sales, talk to interested people and perhaps sign a few copies. You can ask people that buy to write reviews etc.

We know how much work goes into writing and then self-publishing a book. So now, in addition to your Click and Collect, we can add a link on your item page that goes directly to your book on Amazon.

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