9th April 2017 New range

9th April 2017 New range

Good afternoon. I have not had much going on again lately. The craft fair was a bit hit and miss. The weather was not good, it rained on and off all day which was a real shame as the following weekend was glorious. Typical! There was however quite a few visitors. Unfortunately as one of the last people to book, I was not in the main room but in the back room where there was only one other person. I did not have much stock and was disappointed myself with the display.
One good thing did come out if it though. I made a new flower themed piece, a flower pot, to advertise my business and the fair organiser asked if I was making them to sell as she would like one for the shop she runs.
Obviously I said I would and this has started me on a new range. At the moment I only have this one, one I made for Mothers Day and the shop commission to show but will be adding to the range.
They will be in the shop window shortly as sample pieces which can be tailored to individual tastes in colours and styles. They are suitable for any occasion and can be as simple or complicated as people want.
I hope you will like the new work, my mind is full of ideas for lots of different arts and crafts but I am always looking for the one craft that will really inspire me and motivate me.
Anne xx


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