Event pricing and availability

Event pricing and availability

Whilst adding a craft fair, course or exhibition to the site, an organiser can include the number places available, a guide price, as well as the current availability.

When you login and view an event page, there is now an alert in the top right hand corner, green means there are still places or tables available, orange means that the organiser has ticked the box to state the event is full. You can still contact organisers about full events, to try and get on there waiting list. In the same alert, we include the total number of tables or places and the price when supplied.

In addition, organisers can now choose to offer a 5 percent discount to UKCraftFairs members. If the discount has been added by the organiser, you will see it in the same alert box.

The pricing set by the organiser is just a guide, so you will know the sort of price you can expect to pay.

You would need to contact the organiser directly for availability information that is specific to you, for a specific category of makers like jewellery or cards for example, which notoriously fill very quickly.

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