9th February 2017

9th February 2017

Good morning. It has been a couple of week since I updated the blog. My treadmill arrived and I have been using it every day so far. It is taking a while to find my ideal programme but 30 mins seems to be about right and I really enjoy it.
I am still working on new pieces and have several on the go. Finding it difficult to manage my time as the day job is also getting busier.
The craft room is coming along, another load went to the tip last week and there are still boxes of books waiting to go to the charity shop. Once they are gone the room can hopefully be stripped and then we can see how much replastering needs doing. Its going to be a long, slow job but I know if we rush it, it will just get abandoned as another DIY failure so as long as it is done this year I will be happy.
I am on a willow weaving course on Saturday afternoon with our local willow weaver. The theme is going to be hearts but she has said she will also show me how to do circles, both of these will be fabulous for my dream catchers and give me another option than buying ready made hoops.
My latest piece is on a woven hoop, a little thicker than I would have liked and ready made but it seems to work quite well and I love making the daisies in a variety of colours.
Ive been researching the daisy family to see what flowers are also in the same family as this is something I want to expand.
Hope you like my latest piece.
See you soon.
Anne xx


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