Do you write a blog

Do you write a blog

Last year I wrote a monthly blog for another website. The discipline of working for someone else meant I kept this up, choosing a topic and pictures and actually enjoying the process of writing about whatever Id decided on for the month! As an ex publisher/editor it was actually quite fun.

Yet when I am faced with my own blog, why can I not find the same sense of duty?

I guess there are a lot of reasons to put the task off - not enough time? cant think what to write?
Yes we should all make time to promote ourselves, so that knocks the first excuse on the head! Whats the point of endlessly making things for selling if no-one knows you have them?
When I hear people say Ive run out of inspiration I despair. I have more ideas than time to put them to the test. So surely I have enough inspiration to write something!

In the next few months Valentines Day is followed by Mothers Day, Easter, Fathers Day - so there are four excuses to write something.
And I just HATE bad punctuation - missed apostrophes, in particular - and bad grammar. Another topic and one thing that really annoys me about these pages!

Id really love to hear from those of you who write blogs - particularly successful blogs - and I am sure others would too.
What motivates you to write?
Do you always write about your own work or general subjects as well?
Are you a regular writer?
Lastly - who decided on the word BLOG? Does anyone agree that it sounds rather dreary? Wonder if I would be more inspired to write it I was writing for something that sounded more exciting!


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Craft Book

Craft Book

I have recently begun writing a blog again and I agree that it can be a challenge to remain motivated after the initial enthusiasm begins to wear off. Perhaps in some ways writing a blog is a little like physical exercise. We know that it is good for us, but we often find reasons to put it off, particularly with so many other demands on our time. I am trying to make writing blog posts into a natural part of my routine and something that I look forward to doing, as it provides an opportunity for me to reflect upon topics which I might not otherwise find the time to explore.

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