UPDATED New look maps

UPDATED New look maps

The maps page
The maps page is a great visual tool for searching for future events taking place in an area of interest to you. The map is always up to date with the latest events by location.

It has been updated, so that the pins on the map have the new site colours for craft fairs, craft courses and gallery exhibitions. Each of the pins can be clicked on to get more information. Each pin represents a venue/location where fairs, course or exhibitions are taking place. Clicking on a link within the more information box will take you to a list of all the events taking place at that venue.

Maps on listings
In addition, to the updated maps page the maps on peoples listing have been further improved. We hope to have the new pin colours for all listing types added to the site soon.

Adding new events
When you add a venue for an event, you need to make sure that the full postcode is used, so that the mapping software can geocode your location. When you look at your own event, you should see the [pin in the correct place on the map. Venues will only appear on the maps page it future events have been listed.

Street view
You can zoom in and out of the maps, using the plus and minus buttons or by scrolling (two fingers on a touch screen). If you zoom in to street level you can drag and drop the little man on to the map to see the street view. You for planning your visit to the event.

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