15th January 2017 New work

15th January 2017 New work

Good evening. The second of my new style dreamcatchers is now finished and I am really pleased with it. Similar to my first in its design, the centre flower has a second layer of petals and the colour scheme is a gorgeous deep red, perfect for Valentines Day.
I managed to spend a little more time sorting out in what will become my craft room, both my husband and myself are being quite ruthless in the items we are throwing out. There was a tip run today to get rid of several bags of rubbish and I must say the room is beginning to look a lot less cluttered. It will take several more runs to clear it all as well as trips to our local charity shops to drop off boxes of books which we have also decided to cut down.
I have decided to work on more pieces before doing any fairs this year so that I have a wide range of colours and designs available. I am also still working on some jewellery pieces and have three necklaces almost ready to show.
I am finding it quite difficult to fit everything in, as well as the day job three days a week, I have to bare in mind my husband wants to spend time away in our motor home which I enjoy but obviously cuts down on my craft time. I am also trying to lose weight at the moment and trying to fit in exercise every day, not something I have ever really enjoyed but I must say I am quite enjoying it at the moment and hope to reach my target by the end of July when we have a holiday with friends booked.
Do let me know what targets you have set this year and how they are going.
Anne xx


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