11th December 2016 Last Event of the Year

11th December 2016 Last Event of the Year

Hey everyone. So yesterday was the last event I am attending this year. It was a lovely event, well lit, warm, food available and happy, friendly stall holders. The event was relatively small but in this case worth it as I made a profit and I would love to do more events like this next year.
It is now time to take stock and decide what I want to achieve in 2017. The next few weeks will see me busy designing and trying out new ideas whilst spending a lot of time relaxing.
I am loving making the flowers and have bought a few more looms in different sizes which I will be working on. I have plenty of ideas for dreamcatchers as well as using the flowers to make pieces of jewellery, brooches and hair accessories.
I did manage to make a couple of dreamcatchers for the fair yesterday and among my fellow stall holders they were well received.
I was not expecting them to sell straight away but wanted to use them as samples to see what interest they would generate. There are plenty of dreamcatchers out there but I believe there is still room for more, especially if they are slightly different. I am not entirely sure of their history and purpose, there seems to be varying ideas on this but I think quite often it is less about the purpose and more the design and colour that draws people in.
Both of the ones I have done will be added to the shop shortly. They are slightly different from each other but both feature flowers representing sunflowers and the colours are bright and a reminder of lazy, hazy summer days.
Please feel free to comment, I welcome your feedback on new ideas.
Until next time.
Anne xx


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