Adding items events and posts

Adding items events and posts

We have made improvements to the pages where you add items to your shop window, events to your list of events organising and the page for adding blog posts.

Our aim with all these changes has been to make the pages more intuitive and your content easier to manage.

The camera image icon (indicating an image is needed) is now three times larger. Adding an image makes a big difference to the quality of your listing and in some cases they will not display without them.

We have also improved image compression, meaning that newly added images will display faster. In addition, they will have a thumbnail for displaying on search results. If you have added images before this change you will see the text to let you know, all you need to do is re-upload the image to benefit from the improvements.

The order of items already added has been improved, to make new and recently edited items float to the top. This makes it easier to check and re-edit, if required. We moved the date and time of the edit to the title of the edit button. This saves a little space and gives you less noise on the page.

The edit and delete button have been moved down a little.

Add a comment to this post to let us know of any other related improvements you would like to see.


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Melanie Anderson

Melanie Anderson

Mr recently added items do not appear to be floating to the top. Please could you let me know what I am doing wrong. Before when I added new items they would show at the beginning of my shop page. They now show at the bottom. Many thanks Melanie

Chopit Creations

Chopit Creations

How do you change the main photo to your page.
The photo has no edit links ??

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