4th December 2016 Flower knitting loom

4th December 2016 Flower knitting loom

Good evening.
As the year starts to draw to an end my work is changing direction a little. The dreamcatcher ideas are still at the forefront of my mind but I would still like to make these in some way unique. I have seen some beautiful ones using flowers but do not want to use real or dried ones.
I have looked at macramé or decorative knotwork but neither of these produce just what I want so I have been checking out alternatives.
I use pinterest a lot for inspiration and whilst scrolling through found some pictures of flowers made on a knitting loom. These brought back memories of childhood when I had one of these looms. I have no idea what happened to it but as they are still available I bought one and have been addicted to it for the past few days.
I am still learning what can be done with the different shaped pieces but basic flowers are easy to make and will look great fixed to dreamcatchers.
I hope to have one piece done to add to my work for the craft fair next week to see what interest it generates.
I am also looking at other ways in which I can use these flowers as it is such a relaxing way to work and the end results are lovely.
Fingers crossed for a good event on Saturday and I will update you next week.
In the meantime my picture this week is of a selection flowers from my loom.
Anne xx


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