27th November 2016 Post Craft Fair Blues

27th November 2016 Post Craft Fair Blues

Good evening.
The fair last weekend was a disappointment for me. I had some sales but although we had lots of visitors, many people were not buying, certainly not on the larger or more expensive items. It was a very cold room I was in and very small so there was only me in the room. As it was an old hall, the tables were spread throughout the house so many of us were alone in the rooms, particularly the bedrooms.
I am not sure I would do that particular venue again though I did find out about another Christmas Fair which I hope to do next year which I would not have known about if I had not gone so possibly not a bad thing.
I enjoyed my few days away in the motor home and even managed to get a little bit of work done but I still seem to have lost my way a little bit. The lack of sales is getting me down and although I know it is affecting lots of small businesses, some much harder than me as it is their only income, it is still depressing after the time and effort I put in to my work.
I am not building up my hopes for the work which has gone into Earth Spirit, they are not yet fully refurbished so not sure when my pieces will be on display and although I am looking forward to the next event, my last of the year on 10th December in my home town, I am trying to be positive but wonder if this will be more false hope.
One thing I have noticed at my last few events is the pieces I class as wall hangings many people see as dreamcatchers so I am trying to bring together the usual dreamcatcher design with my love of knots.
There are lots of ideas running round in my head, I just need to get a few of them made so I can see what interest there is in them.
My picture this week is the piece I have been working on whilst away, a new watch strap. Hope you like it, feel free to give feedback.
Till next time.
Anne xx


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