2017 Craft Fairs Courses and Exhibitions

2017 Craft Fairs Courses and Exhibitions

2016 is not over yet but now is a great time to be adding your events for 2017.

Many makers, artists and designers want to fill their calendar months in advance. This gives them the ability to plan their year ahead. They will have some organisers that they have found to be more effective for them and will want to confirm dates. Once those dates are confirmed, it is very unlikely they will change. If your event is not listed or they do not know about it, you may miss out on the people planning ahead.

People that book a long time ahead are good for an organisers cash flow, planning and organisation. Organiser that add their events well in advance are really appreciated by all exhibitors, as it give the stall holder more choice. How many times has a stall holder thought, I wish I had known that event was on.

Do not delay.


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