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Well, weve now made the move from Surrey to Cambridgeshire and, two months down the line, are almost sorted out. It was a mammoth task as we had over 300 boxes to unpack and stow away. The trouble is, I will now have to rearrange a lot of my stuff in a more orderly fashion as the initial stow was a rush job and I cant remember where Ive put certain craft supplies!. However, the end is in sight and Im itching to get back to some relaxing work.
Ive almost finished a new drawing, which has a South-East Asia basis and depicts a journey across the heavens. Plus, Im working on some designs which will include what I hope are inspiring quotes, and Im going to try making a linocut from my Tiger Night drawings. So, hopefully, Ill soon be able to get down to all of that and learn some new techniques in the process. The creative life is one never-ending adventure!
However, Ive just begun a quilt for Love Quilts UK. I try to make two a year for them - its a very worthwhile charity which organises and funds the making of quilts for children who are very poorly or have long term medical conditions which make their lives difficult. The quilts are a joy to make.
If anyone has any ideas as to subjects for drawings Id be very pleased to receive them. The Fens should provide some inspiration, and Im thinking along the lines of countryside/wildlife etc ... Oh, and if anyone knows of any New Orleans Jazz being played in the Fens region my musician husband would be very pleased to know about it. Bye for now ...


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