20th October 2016 Earth Spirit

20th October 2016 Earth Spirit Good afternoon, as expected I am late posting this week.
I had a lovely few days away last weekend with hubby and friends and came back refreshed and full of ideas.
I also had the fantastic news that Earth Spirit, a fabulous mind, body and spirit shop in our neighboring town, is now ready to accept new artists and wants upto 10 of my wall hangings for the beginning of November.
I intend to start with 8 pieces, half of which are ready to go but the other half had not even been started until I came home so it is now a race against time to produce them.
My tree of life pieces fit in perfectly to the shop and I am also hoping to make a couple of small owl pieces.
One of the trees I have started is being worked in some of the handspun wool I bought. It is a lovely white and brown mix which I thought would make a gorgeous birch tree. I am adding a few single colour branches as well and my usual collection of coloured wood beads.
I would also like to make a Yuletide or Christmas piece in white wool with red, green and white wood beads. Very similar to the piece shown here but with a define tree shape.
I am also still working on my Celtic Cross piece and have found a local supplier for coloured wool which is 100% pure wool.
I did try dyeing my own but was very disappointed with the results and as I want to use as natural products as possible, this is a perfect solution.
Please feel free to ask questions about my work and processes. If there is something particular you would like me to try, send me a message.
Anne xx


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