Im no longer a market stall Virgin

Well today was my first taste of selling my creations to our best friend, the general public. I was up really early, 5.45am after spending most of the previous night finishing some of my childrens blouses.
I had a market stall booked in Launceston and Colin and I arrived just after 8.30. We had a lovely green gazebo and a big table. We got busy unpacking the car and then we parked it for all day for a pound in the long stay car park, bargain!
I had a practise run at home so I knew how I wanted my wares to be displayed. As I was setting it all out I sold my first two cushions! So that was brilliant. There is nothing like that feeling when you make a sale and you have a nice chat and get some positive feedback.
As the day progressed I would watch peoples faces for their reaction to my products, and I got the response I was looking for, my stall made people smile!
We didnt become millionaires by the end of the day, well not in money terms anyway, we had made enough to make it worth while. But what was priceless was the experience of chatting to other stall holders and getting the very nice people out there to tell me what they thought of what I had made.
I think I am now add itemso roll on my next craft fair, will Def do Launceston again and will look for more venus in the mean time.


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