29th August 2016 Winters Moon finished

29th August 2016 Winters Moon finished Hi everyone.
My favourite time of year is just around the corner. I absolutely love Autumn, the beautiful colours of the trees, the smell of wood smoke, bonfires, fireworks and all the other fabulous things that make up this time of year.
I am looking forward to seeing what new pieces I am inspired to create once the trees start to turn. So far with the wool pieces, I have stuck to using the natural colours and as the cream mill spun works particularly well, I am itching to try dying this but can not justify buying more wool which may or may not work with the dye.
I think at the moment I need to work with both the wool and cotton based bakers twine.
Having been away for a few days I spent some leisure time thinking about the direction my work has taken over the last 12 months and where else I can explore.
I have decided to try a few pieces worked on canvas to give the work a more arty feel and have purchased a few ready stretched blank canvasses on which to practice. I would also like to try hessian canvas and maybe work some pieces on aida.
My Winter Tree is now finished and I love the way it has turned out. The crescent moon works a lot better with a more woven style rather than knotted, but the tree has been done in my usual knotted design.
Unfortunately I have heard this week that the shop I was hoping to get into in Silsden is actually closing due to poor local support. I am surprised they did not tell me this before I spent time sending photos of my work and would have preferred them to be up front in the beginning rather than saying they would put me on the books, but at least I hadnt already committed my work to them.
Hope you are all looking forward to the next season, please let me know what Autumn events you are planning or attending.
Until next time.
Anne xx


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