New deisgns all the time

Ive been so busy making doors and attending events that I didnt realise I hadnt been on here for a while! Too long, in fact!
Anyway, Ive had a wail of a time chatting to customers, and gathering new ideas for my doors: theres harry Potter-themed doors, prosecco-time doors, enchanted garden doors, wedding doors, christening doors and even made a start on Christmas Elf doors...!

One of my favourites recently has to be I used to be retired - but now I work for the wife! LOL

I was surprised how well the Christmas elf doors went this weekend: nobody groaned at the thought that Chrimbo is just around a couple of corners and, in fact, they got quite excited at seeing them! And that was the adults! Its a hoot how excited we adults get when we see fairy doors, and often the munchkins will just give a quick glance, mutter uh-huh and walk on LOL!

Ive been commisioned to do some special doors for wedding table numbers, so Im really excited about that!

Must pop off and finish a couple of pieces, instead of chatting on here, but Ill make every effort to keep in more regular touch!


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