Technical issues resolved

Technical issues resolved Well that was a first, the craft fair I was supposed to attend was cancelled so that gave me more time to work on the red leather bag I mentioned in my last blog. I have attached a photo, the website has more images. I couldnt decide between one or two handles so eventually I went for two! This has given the wearer more options- it can be used with one handle to either be carried in the hand or over the shoulder, or, you can clip on another handle and use it as a backpack/ duffle. This is one of my favourites as the leather is soft and I love the colour.

I have also made two bags in pull-up which is semi aniline leather with a waxy topcoat added for protection. When the leather is pulled or stretched, the waxes can cause the dye to spread which can give the hide a two tone or marble like effect. Its also referred to as distressed as the topcoat scratches through normal use these marks will often be absorbed back into the leather and soften over time. I have a large messenger bag in this which I love for its rugged look. I also learnt that leaning my bag against the hall radiator caused the oils to come to the surface where the heat was applied luckily for me into a super pattern!
The bags are a small messenger bag that can be worn over the shoulder in a cross body style or just over the shoulder.


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