About Me

About Me

My name is Maurice, I am 60 yrs old.

I took up glass engraving as a hobby while I lived on Exmoor, I engraved Red Deer mainly.

I worked most of my working life as a Fitter/Tuner on Sulzer weaving machines in a textile factory.
Due to ill health I have had to give up my job, and have now taken up my engraving again, still as a hobby.

I love to draw, as I cannot paint as I am Color blind And Glass Is My Canvas

So now I draw on glass,
I feel my Engraving’s are unique as I do them as a picture on Glass and then frame them.
I do not use paper or canvas my engravings are Art, and Glass is My Canvas.

I am now experimenting with color as well, but will have to see how that turns out

I Do take on Commissions, am willing to try anything you would like put onto any type of glass E.G:-
Beer, Wine, Champagne Glasses. Bottles You Name It and I Will Do My Very Best Too Engrave it

Do You Like Tattoos????? But Not The PAIN Or The Body INK????

Why Not Have Your Favorite Tattoo Engraved Onto Glass-And Its Permanent Like The Real Thing.


Prices Range From £35.00 Upwards Depending On size Of Glass and Design Required.

Framed Engravings Are as follows:-

6” x 4” From £65.00
7” x 5” From £75.00
8” x 6” From £85.00
9” x 7” From £95.00
10” x 8” From £105.00
12” x 10” From £125.00

Prices Inc Postage and Packing

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